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Juan Herreros Elorza

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Banking Circle - 2021 - Present

  • Tech Lead - December 2022 - Present
  • Senior DevOps Engineer - March 2022 - December 2022
  • DevOps Engineer - March 2021 - March 2022

I first joined the team building our client-facing API, as the DevOps Engineer in a team otherwise composed by developers and testers. During my first months, I had 2 main responsibilities and in both cases, I took a modular approach, creating re-usable building blocks.

  • Coding a declarative definition (Infrastructure as Code - Terraform) of all the resources the team was using in Azure.
  • Taking care of standardazing the App Delivery process (or SDLC) for all our microservices, through pipeline templates (Azure DevOps).

Once my building block (Terraform Modules, pipeline templates) approach was in place, I was able to easily extend it to other teams. Some teams that already had some familiarity with pipeline definition or with Terraform were able to consume the "blocks" in a self-service way, but I was also involved in helping other teams adopt these solutions.

After having built all of these blocks to help people use an external platform (Azure), we built a new team and started building a Platform on top of Kubernetes. There, my responsibilites range from designing the architechture and functionality of the platform, to implementing it, to getting developers in Banking Circle to use it; while ensuring everyone in the team is feeling well, learning and able to deliver on our Vision.

This Kubernetes platform includes a series of CNCF-hosted, other open-source and also propietary software. Among others, we use ArgoCD, Cilium, Grafana, Kyverno or Trivy. We not only put pieces together, but build a cohesive, intuitive interface on top, to ensure people can use it efficiently and in a self-service fashion, without having to understand the underlying complexity; as well as to ensure everything we do on it is secure and compliant

Saxo Bank - 2018-2021

  • DevOps Engineer - December 2019 - February 2021
  • IT Graduate - September 2018 - December 2019

I first joined Saxo's Graduate program, where I spent some months working in each of these teams: Data Science, Data Engineering and finally the Data in Motion team (Kafka), in which I worked as a DevOps Engineer.

After the Graduate program ended, I stayed in that last team (Data in Motion) as a DevOps Engineer, working with Kafka, Azure, Azure DevOps, Ansible, git or Grafana; making our developments faster and our infrastructure more reliable

  • Technical University of Madrid (UPM) - February 2017 - July 2017
  • Axon Partners Group - June 2016 - October 2016


Master in Science in Telecommunications Engineering


Technical University of Madrid (UPM) Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications and Electronics


Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

Key Skills
LinuxPlatform EngineeringContinuous improvement
KubernetesProduct OwnershipCommunication
  • Spanish (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Danish (Upper intermediate)
  • French (Lower intermediate)
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